How this Web Site was Born. (Vsphere, Docker, and AWS have a Baby!)

Project  (Create this website the hard way):

Summary:  I built a linux virtual machine (VM) on my home vsphere lab.  A docker wordpress container was created for the website.  The VM was uploaded to Amazon AWS using the AWS vcenter plugin.  A domain was created on  The domain was pointed to the public IP from AWS.  Now you are reading this blog.

1. Build VM CentOS 7 server on VMware Vshpere Home Lab
– Cent OS 7 ISO Link:
– Home Lab Example: LINK?, in coming post

2. Install Docker on CentOS 7 VM

3. Install MYSQL and WordPress on Docker on CentOS 7 VM
– Mysql:
– WordPress:

4. Open http (80) port on Cent OS 7 VM (if needed)

5. Deploy Cent OS 7 VM to AWS from Vcenter Plugin
– NOTE: update your wordpress “WordPress Address (URL)” and “Site Address (URL)” to new before moving
– AWS Management Portal for vCenter:

6. Register domain name on godaddy

7. Update Public IP Address in Godaddy record

8. Install “Easy WP SMTP” plugin in wordpress admin

9. Register for free email hosting “”

10. Configure Email Settings on wordpress admin console

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