VSAN 6.2 Added to the vSphere Home Lab of Squalor (Ghetto)

VSAN 6.2 Added to the vSphere Home Lab of Squalor (Ghetto).

Project (Add VSAN to my existing home lab)


I wanted to create/add a 3 node VSAN to my 4 node cluster. Once I got past my initial two issues/errors, it was quite easy. I went with three 128GB Samsung PRO SSD (cache tier) and three 500GB Samsung EVO SSD (capacity tier). Here is my experience. I hope it helps someone. Let me know what you think.


Step 1: Build ghetto home lab according to these specs (with a couple tweaks): http://keepvirtualweird.com/2016/07/07/the-ghetto-vsphere-esxi-home-lab/

– Remove/Repurpose RAID 1 Enclosures
– Add additional drives
–Add Quantity: 1, Samsung 500GB EVO SSD 2.5-Inch: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OBRE5UE/ref=twister_B00PRDMHLU?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
–Add Quantity: 3, Samsung 128GB PRO SSD 2.5-Inch: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-850-PRO-2-5-Inch-MZ-7KE128BW/dp/B00LF10L02/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468725991&sr=8-1&keywords=Samsung+128GB+PRO+SSD


NOTE 1: Issue Claiming Disks. Do NOT format your disks using windows disk manager before physically adding them to the host. I made the mistake of formatting the disks first with windows disk manager. Then VSAN could not see them. Then, I used diskpart to clean the disks so that nothing was on there. At this point, VSAN could see them, but it was still complaining about partition errors. See next note.

NOTE 2: Issue Creating Disk Groups. I was receiving an error that is similar to: partition table is unreadable, vsan create disk group failure, general vsan error. It took me a while, but I drilled down to the correct solution. I detailed the cli commands that I used from each host below. You may need both of these articles to fix all issues:

– Fix unrecognized partition table issue:
1. putty/ssh to esxi host (turn ssh on).
2. List disks (Find device path): esxcli storage core device list
3. Show partition details (will show error): partedUtil get “DEVICE_PATH_HERE”
4. Change to msdos partition (DATA LOSS ON THIS DISK, BE CAREFUL HERE): partedUtil mklabel “DEVICE_PATH_HERE” msdos
5. Show partition details (no more error, shows partition #s now): partedUtil get “DEVICE_PATH_HERE”

NOTE 3:  All Disks show as cache (no capacity).  ERROR:  “No capacity disks have been selected. Select at least one capacity disk per each selected cache disk.” Manually set drive as capacity flash drive.  FIX:  https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.0/com.vmware.vsphere.virtualsan.doc/GUID-42E65085-1DA5-4C0B-A397-3497CBBC600E.html#GUID-42E65085-1DA5-4C0B-A397-3497CBBC600E 

esxcli vsan storage tag add -t capacityFlash -d mpx.vmhba1:C0:T4:L0 (where mpx.vmhba1:C0:T4:L0 is the device name)


Step 2: Enable VSAN in Vmkernal settings on each host: http://tsmith.co/2014/vsan-installation/


Step 3: Configure/Install VSAN: https://youtu.be/1EDWKE93ivw

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