DELL EMC ScaleIO (Version: v. Added to the vSphere Home Lab of Squalor (Ghetto)

Project:  DELL EMC ScaleIO (Version: v. Added to the vSphere Home Lab of Squalor (Ghetto).

Project (Add ScaleIO to my existing home lab for shared storage)

I wanted to create/add a 3 node ScaleIO SDS (ScaleIO Data Server) and 4 node ScaleIO SDC (ScaleIO Data Client) to my 4 node vsphere cluster.  I did get it up and running. For the SDS, I went with three 128GB Samsung PRO SSD and three 500GB Samsung EVO SSD.  Here is my experience.  I hope it helps someone.  Let me know what you think.

NOTE:  I am running a 1GB copper ethernet (low budget) network.  In my experience, ScaleIO does not like 1GB ethernet network.  It worked great with one VM.  Once I put 20 VM(s) on it, a vendor documented latency issue caused multiple disk failures in ScaleIO.  ScaleIO goes into a rebuild state when one drive dies.  When two drives die in such a small capacity environment, it gets real hairy to fix it.  I gave up and am going back to Vmware VSAN for shared storage.  If you would like to donate some new equipment with  10GB networking equipment, I will be happy to post a new lengthy review.  I will wait patienly @ the email for your donations.  The moral of the story:  TAKE A BACKUP of your VM(s) before placing on the ScaleIO storage.

Step 1:  Build ghetto home lab according to these specs (with a couple tweaks):

Note:  Skip Step 1 if you already have a home lab setup.

The Ghetto vSphere (ESXi) Home Lab

Then follow Step 1 in this post (if you want my exact home lab):…f-squalor-ghetto/

Step 2:  Download EMC ScaleIO Free Download: 

Step 3:  Configure/Install ScaleIO:  Review/Follow these guides.  (Not the most enjoyable experience) 

NOTE:  Even after a successful ScaleIO installation, I had to manually set new GUID(s) to each SDC (ESXi host) before they were usable in the ScaleIO GUI.  Reference:  ScaleIO SDC Reinstall/Reconfigure GUID, EMC KB:  466097,

Scaleio SDC Issue:  SDC not connected

esxcli software acceptance set –level=PartnerSupported
esxcli software vib install -d <full_path_to_VIB>

EXAMPLE:  esxcli software vib install -d /vmfs/volumes/SSHD_1TB_RAID1/ISOs/sdc-2.0.13000.166-esx6.0

NOTE:  VIB is in original download zip files

– GUID, for example: 12345678-90AB-CDEF-1234-567890ABCDEFNote: GUID (globally unique identifier) is a 128-bit structure that is used when there are multiple systems or clients generating IDs that needs to be unique. GUID should be unique to avoid collision. Please avoid using the same GUID with the difference of somedigits. Please search the internet to create random GUIDs. One such example is
– MDM IP addresses. It is required to define multiple MDM clusters, each with multiple IP addresses.- Separate the IP address of the same MDM cluster with a “,” symbol.- Separate the multiple MDM cluster with “+” symbol.

? List SDC parameters, type the follwoing command:

esxcli system module parameters list -m scini

esxcli system module parameters list –module scini | grep “IoctlMdmIPStr”

esxcli system module parameters list –module scini | grep “IoctlIniGuidStr”

? To update the SDC parameter, type the following command:

esxcli system module parameters set -m scini –parameter-string “IoctlIniGuidStr=<GUID> IoctlMdmIPStr=<MDM_IPs>”EXAMPLE:  esxcli system module parameters set -m scini –parameter-string “IoctlIniGuidStr=bc4983cc-83e5-43dd-af02-c28a2044b0ec IoctlMdmIPStr=,,,”

? Back up the parameters, by typing the following:


NOTE:  did not work for me.  I wouldn’t worry about this

? Load the SDC module, by typing the following:

esxcli system module load –m scini

ScaleIO SDC Reinstall/Reconfigure GUID, EMC KB:  466097, 

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